Family Violence

placer2Family Violence, also known as Domestic Violence, is abusive behavior by one person to control and dominate another person within a close relationship.

There are many types of abuse.

– Does someone push, hit or choke you?
– Does someone hurt you?

Emotional Abuse can be verbal or nonverbal.

– Does someone criticize and call you names?
– Does someone make all decisions for you?

Financial Abuse may include withholding resources, stealing from the victim, or using the victim’s name to incur debt.

– Does someone force or refuse you to work?
– Does someone control all of your money?

Sexual Abuse is often linked to physical abuse; they may occur together, or the sexual abuse may occur after a bout of physical abuse.

– Does someone touch you without consent?
– Does someone force you to engage in sex?

If you believe you are a victim of family violence please call us at 405-275-3176 or 405-878-4818